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ITX Contact Center offers an open API and webhook framework, which makes it easy to integrate. ITX supports dynamic customizations and can integrate with any system. ITX Contact Center integrated with your system will give you benefits such as: see immediately who the customer is – personal service, who the customer spoke to last, open cases / tickets, what the customer has bought, outstanding invoice, package tracking, and more.

ITX Contact Center integrated with your system will streamline and simplify customer service, to the benefit of employees and customers. With the ITX Contact Center, you can also measure customer satisfaction in all customer contact.

Below is an overview of the systems we already have integration with. If your system is not listed, we are happy to help you look at a solution for integration with your system.

Our integrations

Benefits of integration

Everything in one place

Ability to gather all customer information in one place.


Access to customer information directly in ITX.


Make the customer service representative knowledgeable by providing the necessary information to provide prompt processing.