ITX Screen sharing

ITX Screen sharing

Do you feel it can be demanding to share a screen? Then you are not alone. With ITX screen sharing, screen sharing is easier than ever. With a few steps, you can share your selected windows or your entire screen with the customer. Completely independent of which operating system the other part is using.

Who is ITX Screen sharing for?
Combination of modules

ITX Screen Sharing can coordinate with ITX Dialer and ITX Contact Center, and in this way the company gets all communication together in one place. It’s easy and facilitates a good customer experience – win win!

Benefits of ITX Screen sharing


With a few steps, you can share the screen with anyone in five seconds.


When sharing a screen, a link is sent that can be opened completely independently of the recipient’s platform and operating system.

Customize content

Share one or more screens, one tab, an application, or an offer / file.