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ITX Ticketing

ITX Ticketing

There are higher demands for accessibility and communication both in traditional communication channels and in social media. For many, customer service and case processing can be confusing and inefficient when you have to deal with many communication channels. ITX Ticketing collects phone calls, email, chat, SMS and Facebook Messenger. ITX Ticketing makes case processing far more clear and efficient, both for the agent and the manager.

ITX Ticketing facilitates internal communication directly within a case. If you need the help of a colleague to solve a case, you can connect the relevant employee to the case.

Benefits of ITX Ticketing

Everything in one place

You get all channels in one solution, which leads to a comprehensive and more efficient customer treatment


You can follow a case, so that you are notified when there is a development in the case. Creates overview and control.

Work together faster

ITX Ticketing has a case wall where users can easily enter comments, photos and files. Everyone who follows a case will be notified when there is an update in the case.