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ITX Dialer

ITX Dialer

ITX Dialer is a complete product for you who want to reach many people by telephony in an efficient way.

In Norway today, there is an average response rate of approx. 25 %. In some industries, such as debt collection, the response rate is down to around 14 %. For many businesses the telephone is the best way to achieve effective contact. ITX Dialer analyzes the response rate, connects the correct number of calls, sorts out voicemail, and only those who are answered are connected to the agent. ITX Dialer handles callback agreement with automatic merging, no manual operations. ITX Dialer is efficient communication put into a system.

Benefits of ITX Dialer

Import call lists

With a few steps you can load excel files, or automate import via API.

Dialer robot

Dialer robot that can make several calls simultaneously per agent.

Report and insight

The system can prepare a report and insight according to wishes and needs.