ITX Additional modules

ITX Additional modules

ITX can offer a good selection of additional modules. Some of the modules can be used alone (screen sharing and CamCast), while others depend on other modules in ITX to have information to retrieve (panels and reports). 

Screen sharing

Split screen with a few steps.


Share camera with a few steps.

Key performance indicators panel

Get key customer information in a separate panel that makes it easier to pull out the most important information and recent activity.

Custom reports

In addition to all reports that are standard in ITX, it is possible to order custom and tailored reports as needed. It is possible to set up custom reports to be periodic.

Benefits of ITX

Everything in one place

Ability to combine incoming and outgoing inquiries in one place.


Supports automatic lookup against external systems.

Report and insight

The system can prepare a report and insight according to wishes and needs.