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About us

Our history

ITX Norge is a Norwegian company based in Stokke. ITX is one of the first companies in the market to offer a comprehensive communication solution for contact centers.

The company was started by the founders Stian Halseth and Morten F. Klausen in 2012. In recent years, the company has grown enormously! From 7 employees in 2018, there are now 17 employees on the team from the beginning of 2021. And still expanding.

Close up!

We at ITX are never further away than a phone call, chat or email. Being available to our customers is one of our biggest advantages. We see you and hear you. There is a short distance between talk and action.

ITX is a company that will be there for our customers. If you need further development of your solution or adaptation, one of our employees will always be available for a chat.

We see you!

There is a short distance between the customer and ITX. Which makes it possible for us to see every single customer and receive suggestions and wishes for improvements and functionality.


More than half of all employees in the company work with the development of functionality. Countless hours of work are put in every day to ensure that ITX is the best comprehensive communication solution on the market.

High standard

Functionality of the highest quality is provided, to ensure that your company gets the communication solution you deserve.

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The brains behind ITX

Thanks to Stian Halseth and Morten F. Klausen, ITX has become what it is today. Together they have created a workplace where people like to be, customers are taken care of and their most important motto is to create a platform that makes communication easy. They are passionate about their work, and like to leave behind many late night nights. Both shine in their best splendor, and ITX is proud to have two such talented guys as drivers of ITX. Together, they have put in place a fantastic team that assists future and existing customers in facilitating easy and smart communication solutions for companies around the world.

Stian Halseth

Entrepreneur and general manager

The origin of ITX lies fifty percent with Stian. His strengths are making people laugh, while putting together the most complex computer layouts. Stian is a jovial and down-to-earth guy with good values ​​and attitudes. Suddenly, he flies around the room with a StarWars sword and a soap bubble machine. There you have Stian!

Morten F. Klausen

Founder and board of directors

The other half of the origin of ITX is thanks to Morten. Morten is a yes-man, and everything can be solved if you talk to Morten. He likes to have a thousand balls in the air, but always has time for today’s traditional shuffleboard tournament. Smart and knowledgeable man that the customers of ITX benefit greatly from.


ITX would never have been where we are today, if it were not for the people we have on the team. With a focus on unity and trust, we have build a fantastic product that we are very proud of. ITX is growing like never before, and we are always looking for the right people. If you want to check out our current opportunities, feel free to read on.