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Kristian Foss, Bull & Co Advokatfirma AS


The activity is what triggers your result – do you agree? Good. In that case, isn`t the activity what we need to focus on above results?
How many debtors you can reach within the work week defines how many cases you can solve that week, because what you do defines where you end up.

I`m sure you all know your average resolution rate.
Let`s say each agent makes an average of 100 calls per day where the response rate is 15% and the resolution rate of these calls are 40 percent. This will leave you with 6 solved cases.
If you choose an optimal system which can dial 2-300 calls per day with the same response rate and resolution rate, would that be interesting? Multiply this with 10 or maybe 50 agents – more interesting?

Now you may think “How on earth am I going to get my employees to double their activity?”
Well, Enter ITX UC!

Before I start talking about our product I want to pitch some more math on you.
How much time does it take an agent to look up next debtor to call, find its number, dial, connect, just to reach their voice mail, report the activity and having to start over again? This you should know. It matters. For some, maybe 45 seconds and others 30 seconds up to over a minute.

Using ITX UC Dialer integrated with Aptic, we can reduce this time by at least 21 seconds. If you have 10 agents and 100 calls a day per agent it gives you 1000 calls, correct? Those 21 seconds are now 21 000 seconds, or 5, 8 work hours if you like. While saving these hours, the same agents don`t make 100 calls each, but 2-300. Now we`re talking high activity – high efficiency.

And still, I`m just getting started. As I began this post it was all about the activity, and it still is. It`s about all those little factors and functions that gives your agents the opportunity to be the best they can be. For me, that’s a question of leadership. Do you provide your agents with the tools that allow them to be efficient and thrive for high activity?

ITX UC Dialer integrates well with Aptic and is a the tool that allows your agent to make more calls than ever before. If the call ends up in voice mail, the system calls the next debtor inline instead of wasting valuable agent time. Priority callback lets all free agents power dial debtors. When receiving incoming calls, first available agent gets automatically logged off from the dialer to answer the call and the correct case opens seamlessly in Aptic. When the call is finished the agent is automatically logged on to the power dial to continue the outgoing calls. Every call is logged regardless the responses.

With an automatic transfer of call assignments from Aptic to ITX UC, you no longer have to use valuable time on administration. All call assignments are in the ITX UC when your agents come to work.

You as a leader will at any time have full view over your team’s activity. Through live reports you can prioritise your agent’s activity. You gain control over the quality of the activity and you can even coach your agent immediately. It gives you the chance to see the solution rate up against the activity, and the chance to coach your agents in our own coaching module.
To top it off and motivate further activity, all information and stats over activity, campaigns, solved cases etc can be visualised on TV monitors.

I know I’ve talked more about activity than our product, but that’s the value we provide – a toolbox that brings high activity and efficiency into Aptic.

The solution lies with ITX UC integrated with Aptic!