ITX Functionalities

Summary of our services


Inbound and outbound telephony. Including dialer robot.

Contact center

Gather all types of communication in one place. Have a full overview of the customer.


Handle cases in a clear way by combining external and internal communication in one case.


Answer inquiries via chat, with the possibility of templates for frequently asked questions, and get everything documented on the customer.

Facebook Messenger

Get Facebook Messenger messages stored in the same place as all other communications.


Receive email directly into the portal, with the option to link it directly to a case.


Choose between sending one SMS, or a mass mailing from an excel file.


Share camera in five seconds, regardless of operating system.

Screen sharing

Share screen in five seconds.


Book meetings directly in the calendar and have a full overview of necessary schedules.


Finished and tailored reports that can be exported to excel.

Customer satisfaction

Opportunity to measure customer satisfaction, both internally and externally.


Opportunity to integrate with the company's own systems, such as CRM, BRP, etc.

Customer card

Opportunity to distinguish between prospect, customer and supplier.

Search options

Easily accessible information via search function.

Dialer robot

Pick up to five phones at one time and avoid voicemail with voicemail recognition.

Intelligent routing

Make sure the right person receives the inquiry.


Listen and coach members of a team.

Key performance indicators panel

Overall overview of self-selected information that comes up when the customer makes contact.

Activity list

An overview of activities for each user. Follow-ups that are stored on the customer can be followed up via this list. With or without notice.

Conversation recording

Manual and automated recordings, according to custom rules and needs.

Open API

Provides the ability to automate manual processes.


Visualization of custom views and results.


ITX is a portal that is shaped by customers, and it is possible to adapt to custom needs.